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Yesterday's ACL Taping

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  • Started 9 years ago by Spork

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    I planned on watching Spoon's ACL taping last night. It would be broadcast (live) at 1am in my country. Terrifying as it seemed, I decided to stick it out (or at least snooze a little) until the time came. But let's just say I, uh, dozed off, and when I finally awoke I realised time had crept up sneakily behind my back. It was 3am. Darn! I missed it!
    Sob story aside, I was just wondering if the entire taping has been posted anywhere. The Red Bull streaming site thing returns "no results" for Spoon so far (why!?!?), and whilst I wouldn't be surprised if it's just playing up for me - that normally happens - I'm not going to count on it. So if anyone has a link to the taping, I would be real grateful. It's okay if the site seems a little shady - I like to think I have good virus protection and if anything does come along and trash the computer, I won't hold you viable. I promise :D
    I doubt there is a link though, so I guess all I can say is thanks for reading this anyway. Just thought I'd push my luck.

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