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Video: Not Turning Off

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  • Started 15 years ago by meelsmisao
  • Latest reply from TastyPrawn

  1. meelsmisao
    (35 Posts)

    I chanced across this music video of Not Turning Off on http://www.vimeo.com/703498

    They look so young. :)

    Posted 15 years ago #
  2. monkfishblues
    (250 Posts)

    A million thanks for posting this. I've been so curious to see it!

    Posted 15 years ago #
  3. wantsarevolution
    (144 Posts)

    I've always loved the falsetto on this song.

    Posted 15 years ago #
  4. TheDoctor
    (143 Posts)

    WTF I really don't understand you people coming across these videos. I ran a website for a while and I researched the shit out of Spoon and never found any of the videos posted on here.

    Thanks though!

    Posted 15 years ago #
  5. nefarious
    (129 Posts)

    Oh one of my favorites from Telephono!! yay. thank you.

    Posted 15 years ago #
  6. LaBritt
    (36 Posts)

    Very cool to see- thank you for posting.

    Posted 15 years ago #
  7. User has not uploaded an avatar
    (33 Posts)

    looked all over for it. good find, thanks muchly. the guys look as cool as the proverbial.

    Posted 15 years ago #
  8. User has not uploaded an avatar
    (19 Posts)

    I am SO HAPPY this is not Spoon playing Hotel California. :mrgreen:

    Posted 15 years ago #
  9. User has not uploaded an avatar
    (19 Posts)

    I am also SO HAPPY that this is Spoon playing Cvantez. The last time I saw them I was yelling my guts out for this song.

    Posted 15 years ago #
  10. TastyPrawn
    (87 Posts)

    Cool! Old Spoon videos... I can never find any online.

    Posted 15 years ago #

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