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TWMS tour in review and wish list

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    So, how fuggin baller was the '14 & '15 tour? The band was tighter than ever, the new album sounds phenomenal live, and the energy is off the chart. The addition of Alex to the lineup was a good move for the studio, but it was an outstanding addition for the live show. The sound is fuller, the energy Alex adds gets me pumped, and Britt is not only more relaxed up front, but his interaction with, and inclusion of, the crowd has doubled. I've seen Spoon a few times over the years and I've seen a bad crowd for them too often throughout time, but in the shows I saw over the past year I didn't see one bad crowd. We are the baby birds and they've fed us well. Jim, Eric, and Rob are all on point, as usual. It really seems like they all just have fun performing, which you may take for granted. Too often, I've been turned off by an act because they seem bored or the performance just feels phoned in. Anyhow, I digress: the live show is so good they have become addictive, the setlists are great, and I can't wait for more.

    So, on a future tour tip: what songs that weren't on this tour would you guys like to see sneak into the sets next time? I'd have to go with:
    Advanced Casette
    Out Go the Lights
    Nobody Gets Me But You
    and a sweet rarity like Chips and Dip, This Book I Write, or My First Time Volume 3 would probably make my face melt instantly. (I can dream, can't I?)

    So, what do you guys think?

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  2. 31starbright
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    I think I'm finally on the last stage of my post-TWMS-tour sadness and I'm just feeling grateful for all the shows I was able to see from Spoon this year and last year.

    I agree with pretty much everything you've said here, Morgan. I love Alex being in Spoon now, and I think him being there has definitely made Britt a better front-man because of all the crowd interaction Britt's made more of an effort with nowadays (not that I've ever considered him to be lousy at being a front-man, but he wasn't as animated as he is now). And Alex is mesmerizing to watch live, I'm always floored at how good he is.

    My wishlist for old Spoon songs on future setlists:
    Finer Feelings
    Vittorio E
    Stay Don't Go
    Nobody Gets Me But You
    Is Love Forever
    Me and the Bean
    Car Radio
    Loss Leaders

    And damnit we lucked out so much at that aftershow hearing The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine & Jonathon Fisk that I would love to hear those two again. Especially Jonathon Fisk because I feel like they could've played that one more often instead of Small Stakes.

    I would also kill to hear The Book I Write live. (Seriously, Britt Daniel if you ever visit this message board I would pay all sorts of money to hear this song live. Why can't you do a solo show so I can hear this shit?)


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  3. Tyler Darling
    Tyler Darling
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    I'm glad you had a glad you had a good experience seeing them live. I haven't seen them on their newest tours either. So sad. But I have seen Spoon, and Divine Fits, so I can imagine that with Alex in the band the energy goes up. I watched lots of their live vids, and I agree Britt seems more relaxed. I think having more people in the live band definitely helps take pressure off the lead singer/guitarist.

    I have sang and played guitar in a 3 piece, and 4 pieces band, and let me tell you, I'd never go back to a 3 piece if possible.

    As far as dream sets.....wow there are so many old songs that I'd love to hear. And with every new album, the older songs become more and more less likely. BUT I think Journey said it best when they said "Don't Stop Believin" :

    Don't Buy the Realistic
    30 Gallon Tank
    Believing is Art
    Paper Tiger
    Finer Feelings
    I Saw the Light
    Out Go the Lights

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    Dream set, off the top of my head:

    Believing is Art
    June's Foreign Spell
    Sister Jack
    The Book I Write
    Plastic Mylar
    The Government Darling
    Get Out the State
    Anything You Want

    Mountain to Sound
    TV Set (Cramps cover)

    I cheated and looked. Glad I did, because I would have forgotten a few.

    Posted 8 years ago #

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