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There has to be more tour dates!

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  • Started 15 years ago by WingsAreForFlying
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  1. Just moved to Colorado from TX and I'm really hoping Spoon will include CO in their tour dates. Preferably somewhere close to Breckenridge or Keystone. Anyone know if they plan on touring anytime soon? Thanks!

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  2. TheDoctor
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    God I hope they're done with tour. They've been on tour for about a year now and I think they need a break!

    Plus they have new material they're working on and hopefully we can get a new album soon. I'm not being greedy I just am over excited for new stuff.

    I didn't mean to be blunt about it but they've been touring for a year and if you missed them you're probably going to have to wait till next album.

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  3. Why a Spoon
    Why a Spoon
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    Yeah it would be best if they stopped for good by now and get cracking. Though, given that they started on Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga about the same time as now in 2006, I'd say we wouldn't see the album any sooner than May.

    \"...back when you were nineteen/still in school/ and waiting on a light/on the corner by Sound Exchange\"
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  4. ixkpd-bk
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    I'm expecting the album by maybe August 2009. Tour around late summer/fall. Who knows? I'm all in though. I hope they keep playing small venues is all I'm saying.

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