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The most hilarous (and pretenious) Spoon//TWMS review you will ever read.

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  • Started 9 years ago by Crimson_Ark
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    ... and this is why record reviewers are the worst!

    None of them have ever made a record. None of them have ever slaved over writing songs for hours or for weeks on end.
    None of them have ever sat around in a studio for weeks trying to make the arrangements work or mixing and mixing again, and then tearing it down and then mixing again. To put it mildly, they don't know anything about records.

    So to hell with this pretentious slop review. I own 10 thousand hard copy vinyl LPs. I'm a producer who has slaved for 3 years on ONE record in the studio. I love They Want My Soul. It's a beautiful record. This review is the thing that "hardly breaks an inch of new ground".


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  3. Tyler Darling
    Tyler Darling
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    London in light years ahead. Haha. They have the same terrible x factor, american idol music trash we do. And yes they have by far been more consistent than White Stripes and Foo Fighters. Like the article insinuates they aren't? I like both bands. Stripes a lot. Actually the last Foo album was really heavy. But that band does not put out good albums. Not in the least.

    Also I really like Beady Eye's newest album so there.

    I read that article for a laugh. What a bad opinion. What everyone is entitled I guess.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  4. Tyler Darling
    Tyler Darling
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    To prove the point further the site give the new album by La Roux 5 star. An instant classic. Haven't heard it at all. But I know the song Bulletproof that goes - This time baby I'll be bulletproof - with annoying synths....I couldn't stand that song....

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    Eh, there's a lot of elitist crap in that review, but this person is entitled to dislike They Want My Soul. Personally speaking, Spoon are very important to me but doesn't mine I think they're beyond reproach.

    Criticism is fine when done intelligently but he lost me when he smugly said that British musicians are above American musicians and Spoon in particular.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  6. Tyler Darling
    Tyler Darling
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    Agree. Album reviews really don't change my opinion. If I really want to buy a record I purposely don't seek out reviews until I have listened and formed my own opinion. No review would make me not buy music from a band that I like. I find it interesting to hear other people's takes on it, but that's it. I don't put stock in it.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  7. Gabriel
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    The one thing I took away was the phrase "Archetypally chiseled frontman Britt Daniel" at which I may never stop laughing

    Posted 9 years ago #

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