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The Greatest Spoon Mixtape of All Time

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  • Started 9 years ago by spoonmixtape

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    Feel like participating in the greatest mixtape contest of all time? Then go to www.spoonmixtape.com. My friend and I got into a drunken conversation over who could create the better Spoon mixtape and now we need to recruit five anonymous Spoon fans as judges so that we can determine a winner impartially. Humiliation is at stake (think Jackass-type of consequences for the loser). The rules?

    --15 tracks, no more, no less
    --all songs must be studio LP or EP recordings except for two 'wild card' entries (B-sides, live songs, etc.)
    --all songs must be Spoon songs (i.e. no Britt solo songs)
    --mixtape is titled using a lyric pulled from one of the songs that appears on the mixtape

    We're hoping to get five people who love Spoon as much as we do who wouldn't mind giving our compilations a good honest listen. All you would have to do is provide your opinion on which one is better. For your trouble you'll get your choice of a Spoon concert poster from the website and you'll walk away with the knowledge that you've done something fun and meaningful in a world that can't all be wedding cake.

    Ideally the judges will have been Spoon fans for a long time and will be familiar with their entire catalog. My friend and I are from Austin so we've grown up with Spoon from the days when Britt was playing solo gigs for five people at Gaby & Mo's. Then again, anyone who has read this far probably automatically qualifies as enough of a Spoon fan to contribute.

    Take care, and hope to hear from y'all out in Internet-land. You can email us at:


    P.S. If you're wondering why we don't just have our friends act as judges it's because our friends are too aware of our song preferences which would make it too easy for them to suss out who created each mixtape.

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