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Spoon's New "Immigrant Song"

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  • Started 13 years ago by Fandango
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    Buried in another thread was a link to a new song Britt performed in Tucson, AZ. I thought the song deserved its own thread because it is very touching, especially given the location where it is performed. The song begins "If the immigrant is not your brother than God is not your father", which is quite a moving statement considering the anti-immigration sentiment in Arizona. The anti-immigration climate in Arizona is high because their governor recently signed into law extremely discriminatory legislation. The Arizona law will be struck down because immigration policy is handled at the federal level, but still hateful actions create hostile environments for people who contribute significantly to our society. My heart swelled at the end of the song when a lady in the audience screamed "We love you", she meant it! Undocumented people often don't have a voice in our society and I think it is a bold move for Britt to stand up for them, despite who it may alienate.

    Here are the links:



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  2. monkfishblues
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    Thanks for pointing that out. I hadn't made the immigrant lyric + Arizona connection when I posted that - just excited to see a new song - but now this makes it even more great!

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  3. Tyler Darling
    Tyler Darling
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    Ahh ahhh ahhhh AHHHHH -Led Zeppelin

    Yeah that is a very good statement in a song. Britt is not like a "political" artist per se, but he has opinions, and he is open with them. That is good. The song kind of reminds me of "Upwards at 45 degress".

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  4. Gabriel
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    God, that opening line kicks ass. What a good line.

    The song is good too, but most Spoon songs go through a lot between voice+guitar and their final incarnation, so I'd like to see if it turns into anything else.

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  5. Tyler Darling
    Tyler Darling
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    I agree. It would be great to see the full band work on this song.

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