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spoon portland 12.11

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  • Started 14 years ago by colpol15
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    Mystery Zone
    Don't You Evah
    You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
    Stay Don't Go
    Is Love Forever?
    The Beast and Dragon, Adored
    The Ghost of You Lingers
    Written in Reverse
    I Turn My Camera On
    Trouble Comes Running
    Don't Make Me A Target
    The Fitted Shirt
    They Never Got You
    I Summon You
    Small Stakes
    My Mathematical Mind
    The Underdog
    Rhthm and Soul
    Black Like Me
    Got Nuffin
    The Way We Get By
    Jonathon Fisk

    ^there's the set list for all interested. freakin' amazing show, nearly pooped myself at is love forever? and trouble comes running. i'm excited. and why isnt there more spoon live talk here with set lists and what not? is that some sort of unmentionable in these sacred forums? i think that there should be more set lists up here. and if anyone ever finds a bootleg of this show should post it here. it would be much appreciated.

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  2. 31starbright
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    I was there! Loved every second of it :) I wish I had video of it, but they had a crew there filming the whole show- I'm hoping it's a DVD release for later.

    I'm seeing the band again in a few hours.

    Posted 14 years ago #
  3. drop dead ed
    drop dead ed
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    there seriously needs to be a Spoon on the Road DVD!

    Posted 14 years ago #
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    Was looking forward to my first Spoon show. I really love the band- I've only been a fan since 2004- but I love their music and tell everyone about them. I was lucky enough to see Britt playing solo at MIssissippi studios a few weeks ago--spectacular show. I felt so lucky to be there...but Crystal Ballroom last night?(12/11). Disappointing.
    After the first two songs I was thought to myself: Really? What's going on? This definitely does NOT rock. Especially Don't You Evah-- what was up with that? I'm not a musician, but it seems like because the album version is so heavily mixed, they have trouble translating it to a live performance. But seriously, Spoon--wtf. Wilco does it. Kraftwerk can bring it.
    The show did start rocking after a while. I did start to enjoy myself toward the end, but the crowd seemed to be lost in some sort of k-hole...all kids, staring at their cell phones, focused on Britt. Try dancing, little ones! Break out into a mosh pit, for christ's sake.

    Looking forward to seeing them again.

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  5. drop dead ed
    drop dead ed
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    i hate the kid crowd...Transference isn't going to be heavily mixed at all, so you can count on that. GAx5 was a bit too poppy for me, but I think they do a stellar job with You Got that Cherry Bomb, Ghost of you Lingers, Black Like Me, and Underdog/ especially with horns. The new album is going to sound nothing like Ga de Ga de Ga de Ga de Ga. I'm happy with that.

    Wilco can bring it because they got Mikael and Sansone both working the keyboards and sounds. That and Wilco is just plain badass when it comes to live shows.

    Never seen Kraftwerk, but had my chance here in Austin not too long ago. Missed it....

    ps. I'm off to chicago!!!!

    Posted 14 years ago #
  6. 31starbright
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    I think DJULI and I saw different shows. I was pretty much front center the whole way through the show and had a great time. I admit the crowd wasn't all that, but spoon still did an excellent job up there.

    Tonight's show in La Jolla (near San Diego) was crazy. Crowdsurfers during their set! It was definitely an under 21 crowd and as much as I hate having to deal with kids pushing and covering my head from time to time so it doesn't get kicked from a crowdsurfer- at least most of these kids were dancing. As I was leaving i heard some kid say to his friend "spoon was siiiick! I only knew Underdog but damn..." :D

    Posted 14 years ago #
  7. pixiechickrocks
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    I'd love to hear Got Nuffin live. Man oh man!! GREAT SET LIST!!

    Posted 14 years ago #
  8. if your looking for live spoon go to archive.org go to live muisc and put in spoon lots of good shows

    Posted 14 years ago #
  9. Tyler Darling
    Tyler Darling
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    Got Nuffin live is great! When I saw them play it at Summerfest, it was the day before the single came out. It sounded so awesome. Jim did a lot more fills and stuff with the drums. It sounded awesome. Unfortunately I only found one youtube video of that performance, and the quality was terrible!

    Posted 14 years ago #
  10. devilsdishes
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    I'm sorry.... but I need to know WHAT song these kids were crowdsurfing to. Even the most raucous Spoon song that comes to mind (June's Foreign Spell, Government Darling, et al.) still doesn't seem like crowdsurfing material.

    Jesus, I feel old.

    Posted 14 years ago #
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    Just to add another review and some insight into Portland's show (which I happened to think was quite rocking), here's a little review. I was in the beer area, so I didn't notice any of the kid crowd. The crowd seemed very into the act (both Black Joe Lewis and Spoon), with the heaviest of cheers definitely coming from the newer, post Gimmie Fiction material. What I found most exciting was the addition of the Honeybears' horn section to "Stay Don't Go." Anyway, here's the details if anyone's interested.



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  12. 31starbright
    (161 Posts)

    I ripped a recent radio stream of this show and you can download it here:

    It's the whole show (minus most of the first song, Mystery Zone, because my laptop was acting up) in one big MP3 file.

    Posted 14 years ago #
  13. nefarious
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    Spoon, not good live? I've never heard of such things...from my own account, or others...eh...different strokes for different folks.
    thanks starbright!

    Posted 14 years ago #

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