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    For those who may not be on the Spoon mailing list:

    Amigos -- a few announcements: first, we are totally in the process of making a new Spoon record. We've all been
    hanging out at Jim's a lot the past couple months and we're still in the writing stages, but the shit is sounding good.

    Some of the songs in progress:
    The Rent I Pay
    Naff Bag
    Let Me Be Mine
    Modern Girls
    I Ain't The One
    Fresh From Your Pages
    Give Me It

    Meanwhile, Britt just finished a new 2-song single with Divine Fits which should be out soon and there will be a bunch of
    Divine Fits shows over the next few months:

    May 11 - Dallas, TX @ Homegrown Fest
    May 25 - Quincy, WA @ Sasquatch! Music Festival
    Jun 8 - New York, NY @ Governors Ball Music Festival
    Jun 14 - Chicago, IL @ Taste of Randolph
    Jun 16 - Manchester, TN @ Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival
    Jun 19 - Calgary, AB @ Sled Island
    Jul 13 - Cincinnati, OH @ Bunbury Festival
    Jul 24 - Los Angeles, CA @ Greek Theatre w the Postal Service
    Jul 27 - Berkeley, CA @ Greek Theatre w the Postal Service
    Aug 3-4 - Portland, OR @ Pickathon
    Aug 10 - Squamish, BC @ Squamish Festival

    For tickets: www.divinefits.com/tour
    New Britt Daniel facebook page: facebook.com/brittdaniel

    And in other news, Jim Eno has started a record label! Named after his studio in Austin, TX, Public Hi-Fi Records is officially
    launching this week with the release of Nuestro Camino, the debut album from Austin-based B3 organ trio Dupree. The label will
    be entirely curated by Jim as an outlet for music he loves, for the unsigned artists he’s recorded, and as a place to issue special
    pressings of previously unreleased tracks from his array of artist sessions. He will produce and engineer each release, and all
    music will be released on limited-edition 12-inch vinyl with accompanying high quality digital downloads. You can visit Public
    Hi-Fi's brand-new website to learn more about the project, the label and the studio here. And order Nuestro Camino here.

    Also meanwhile, Eric has been living in Dallas, working on a follow-up to his solo record, producing bands, making art, and
    spending time with his fiancé and their dog. You can see what he's been up to at http://www.ericharvey.com. His solo record is
    available on itunes and bandcamp. And if your band wants to record with him in Dallas you can email him at info@ericharvey.com.

    And since the last album Rob has quit smoking again, mastered the NYC subway system, and is opening a bar in Greenpoint,
    Brooklyn named Lake Street in the very near future.

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    You know I thought I was on the Spoon mailing list but I guess I was wrong cuz I didn't get this email! Thanks for sharing.

    Also, "Let Me Be Mine" made me laugh cuz it's such a Spoon song title, he he

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