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    Show was killer. Venue was pretty cool despite being in Lancaster, PA. Britt commented during the show what there is to do in this town after the show cause nothing was open. The show was on a Sunday. He joked to go up to the sound guy and tell him cause he loves that stuff.

    White Rabbits opened up and they were great. As I am sure people here know, Britt produced their second album. I think they played 8 new songs and they sounded great. Cannot wait for the official release of those songs.

    Spoon played a great set with 6 new songs. I think I got the names right of the new songs except the first one played.

    Set was:
    new song ? (mystery zone was the key lyric I seemed to pick up in the song)
    Writing to you in Reverse (new)
    Got Nothing to Lose (new)
    Ghost of you Lingers
    Cherry Bomb
    I Turn my Camera on
    Someone Something
    Small Stakes
    The Beast and Dragon, Adored
    Don't you Evah
    Everything Hits at Once
    I saw the Light (new)
    Trouble (new)
    Is Love Forever (new)
    I Summon You
    Rhythm and Soul
    Black Like Me


    Stay Don't Go
    Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine

    I wish more older stuff was played but 6 new songs was a treat.

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    This was taped and posted on Dime-A-Dozen, for anyone who has an acount.

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  4. 31starbright
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    Don't have a Dime-A-Dozen account...I've tried to get one for years and it's always closed for membership. Can anyone upload some of the new songs? I'd love to hear some of those new ones in better quality.

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