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scandal: spoon sound stolen by arcade fire

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  • Started 9 years ago by badsoundbadbreath
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  1. i'd like to know, what you think about this discovery of mine. what do you think?

    in my opinion, arcade fire seem to celebrate their comeback with a song called "normal person", which, in my ears sounds as if they had studied everything spoon have developed (with tons of creativity plus courage and ecerything else it may ever take to come up with music/ a sound that was not known before, i mean spoon) over the past 21 years.

    and: i don't like it, when once upon a time successful bands, like arcade fire (once quite outstanding with a quite exorbitant sound) turn into thugs.

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    I see what you mean. I gave my first listen to Arcade Fire a few months back (I know, I know - I left it a bit late), and they do sound remarkably alike to Spoon. Or at least, their newer stuff sounds that way.
    And yeah, it irks me just a little, considering Arcade Fire are way more globally famous than what Spoon are.
    Yet 'Normal Person', to me, sounds more like a song that had the same influences as Spoon, rather than being influenced by Spoon. I personally think AF have studied classic rock more than anything when it comes to 'Normal Person'. Then again, it does seem a slight coincidence that they would do that, considering how well acquainted they are with Spoon. So actually, yes - I do agree with you. Arcade Fire need to start drifting back in their own direction.

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    Sorry - that got posted twice! :) Just ignore this bit!

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