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  • Started 13 years ago by monkfishblues
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  1. monkfishblues
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    If you REALLY pay attention, you'll spot the actor Dabney Coleman brief video clips at the very beginning and very end of the video :) Nice, sneaky tribute!

    Posted 13 years ago #
  2. Gabriel
    (193 Posts)

    Jesus, EVERY live version of this song I've watched is better than the one on the record. I'm kind of wishing the Transference recording had turned out better - it just feels flat and unenergetic compared to their live performances.

    Also, where did this come from? Is this their "music video" for the song?

    Posted 13 years ago #
  3. monkfishblues
    (250 Posts)
  4. Mattshoe
    (45 Posts)

    Is it just me or is this music video the greatest music video in the world? Like seriously, excuse me while I go watch this forever.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  5. Tyler Darling
    Tyler Darling
    (706 Posts)

    Does this mean this is going to be the new single????? please!?!?!? 12" SINGLE!!!!!! w/ b-sides!!!!

    Posted 13 years ago #
  6. pherron
    (173 Posts)

    Quite a lot of websites say that Anti Records released it as a single here in the UK on 15th November, however I can't actually find any evidence of it. It may be digital only.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  7. Tyler Darling
    Tyler Darling
    (706 Posts)

    Really.....then would it have b-sides?? Nothing is on Spoon's website about it as of yet. I'm getting itchy now!

    Posted 13 years ago #
  8. devilsdishes
    (88 Posts)

    Awesome! This was filmed at the NYC Cake Shop show that I couldn't go to because I was working, as most people are, at 1pm when it all went down.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  9. User has not uploaded an avatar
    (23 Posts)

    Well, OK Go's A Million Ways is the greatest rock video ever, but I really like this video.

    Is this the lead up to a new single?

    Posted 13 years ago #
  10. captain_arz
    (120 Posts)

    Really cool video, I wonder when their gonna post it on the site.

    Posted 13 years ago #

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