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  • Started 11 years ago by Rectoplazm

  1. Rectoplazm
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    This blurb comes courtesy of the new issue of Msiprint, Austin's first and
    foremost snark-zine, under the heading of "GOSSIP! GOSSIP! GOSSIP!":

    "Adorable Japanese robot enthusiast/occasional auto vandal/longtime Mispirnt pal Britt Daniel has taken a break from pounding vegan doughnuts at Portland area strip clubs to make his Napoleonic return to Central Texas from the windswept exile of the Pacific Northwest. The Spoon frontman shocked absolutely noone by staging his triumphant return in low style playing a series of secret gigs at non-prominent venue Beerland with his gritty new lo-fi futurist Tejano outfit The Dick Pills.

    Members of the music press on the scene reported buckets of saliva and have affectionately rechristened this new side project "Spork". They also confirmed that Beerland is still "a total shithole". Rumours (sic) of the band playing the Brown Stage at Fun Fun Fun Fest remain unsubstantiated."

    - rtp

    NOTE: I have no connection with, nor do I write for, Mrpisnit. I just picked up a copy of the zine
    at I Heart Video last night while renting the Season One DVDs of Community.

    -- \"The Irritation Man\"
    Posted 11 years ago #

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