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new band - what the fuck?

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  • Started 10 years ago by badsoundbadbreath
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    That's a great find! Thanks, Renee. I agree, good news. Do you live in Austin, or just keep tabs on Spoon news there?


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  2. 31starbright
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    You're welcome, Jp! No, I'm not from Austin. I'm in LA. I just spend too much time on the internet looking at Spoon stuff, and now Divine Fits stuff.

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    I'm shocked that Chris Grey had a benefit concert! I loved reading him in the Chronicle and looked him up from time to time after he moved to Houston. I'm glad he's recovered and back to writing.

    I was also disappointed when I read about Divine Fits and Britt's latest project, but he's gonna do what he's gonna do I guess and hopefully he'll be ready to work with Spoon again soon.

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    I'm kinda surprised by the reaction to this. Spoon's been a band since '93 and has never taken more than 3 years to make an album. If, for whatever reason, Britt wants to do something else for a year or two I think its cool. I understand the frustration from a lack of updates, but maybe that's the better option than updating saying "nothing has happened" or giving false hope by digging for news that isnt there. Maybe its a good thing for Britt to get out of any constraints he might feel with Spoon for year or so. Almost every musician has side projects going on, and uses them to promote each other.

    JP Bands that have good communication with their fans are usually active at the time they are doing it or it comes from the PR from a big label. I've seen a lot of other bands with far worse communications with their fans than this. For example, I know I've been hearing a new Boards of Canada album is coming out early next year since around 2008.

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    Hey, dsharp...thanks for the post. I've taken a public vow not to bitch about this, so everybody understand...I'm not bitching. Really, though, I got most of what I wanted when Eric Harvey posted here with actual news about what's happening with the band (laying off for two years). I got the rest of what I wanted when 31starbright (Renee) posted the link to the Austin360.com article about Britt:


    So, for me, the story is complete and I can stop wondering what happened to the band...all is well, even though it's not on a schedule that I'd prefer. That's life.

    But I still think (I'm not bitching!) that, at minimum, some mention of the future of spoontheband should have been made in the initial Divine Fits release. Let's recall:

    1. At the time, Spoon was about two years removed from their last tour
    2. There had been virtually no news of any sort about the band (maybe a couple of one-off shows) in that time
    3. I (and I'm guessing most other Spoon fans) assumed that that time was spent on R&R and then getting a start on a new album

    Then we get an announcement of Britt and a new band, with no mention of what happens to Spoon. I don't know about you, but my first reaction was "what about Spoon?" And eventually, several months later, in an Austin360.com post, we learned that Britt is still writing songs for Spoon, so it appears the band is still alive, though dormant.

    I'm sure there's a lot more to the story than we'll ever know. Agreed, whatever Britt wants to do, that's what Britt should do. And it's not like my opinion (or anybody's opinion, save Britt's) counts. I just assumed that with the success achieved in the last few albums, the band would be anxious to build on that. Guess there are other factors at work. So, for the next two years anyway, I'm all about the Divine Fits. I hope they stop in my neighborhood soon! (On another topic, they seem to be announcing shows one-at-a-time via social media, rather than putting together a formal tour schedule. That's a different, and kind of cool way to handle touring. Or maybe they just haven't gotten the support system together yet.)

    Regarding general band communication: yeah, things have really changed a lot. The entire idea of starting a band and recording and touring is a lot more DIY than it used to be. In general, I think, that's a very good thing. But to say that a lack of communication with fans is somehow OK because a lot of bands are worse at it...I don't buy it. If the band is serious about growing its fan base, it has never been easier or cheaper or more effective than right now. They just have to push a button.

    All that said, I really have to commend all the Spoon fans out there. You are the most patient group of fans I've ever seen. Way more patient than me. Four years is a long time the rock and roll biz. Let's hope it goes quickly.


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    Good time for a side project. Pretty tough keeping a band together and to stay relevant for such a long time. Divine Fits is something new. The new Spoon? Who knows. . . who cares. Gutteral and primal... yes Can't quite put my finger on it. Nothing will ever compare to Soft Effects, Love Ways, Series of Sneaks, Girls Can Tell hitting streak. Hole-in-the-Wall shows with Ms Universe. Maybe you were there eh? Good times. . . Britt Daniel at his prime. Three piece band and janky acoustic guitar. Wranglers, Chuck Taylors and White Oxford shirts. Just making music for the fuck of it. Some people watching, a few took note. Those were the days. .

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  7. Rectoplazm
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    I expect that Britt will be in attendance at Wendal Stivers' 50th B-day party, which I believe is Oct. 8th. I'll be sure to corner him and see what's up.

    -- mnw aka ndj aka kwl aka rtp aka etc.

    -- \"The Irritation Man\"
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  8. Rectoplazm
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    Update: Original SPOON guitarist Wendel Stivers' 50th B-day is October 20th. For those of you who will not be attending the Cuban-Missile-Crisis-themed party (Hint: you won't be) that would be a good night to listen to "Theme From Wendel Stivers" (off Telefono), The Nefarious EP, "When We Go FM" (the live KVRX version) featuring Wendel on gtr. as well as Crash Landing In Teen-Age Heaven and/or What the Nothinghead Said by Wendel's "other" band Sincola.

    -- \"The Irritation Man\"
    Posted 10 years ago #

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