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Matador "Lost Weekend" 21st Anniversary Show

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  • Started 9 years ago by Gnomesain

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    So, I haven't seen any discussion of this show on here, did anyone see the lineup to this? It's, like, my favorites bands almost in order circa '96-2000, and Spoon is playing of course. Every day I remember a new band on the list I get to see: oh ya, Yo La Tengo! Superchunk! Sonic Youth! (Not to menntion a classic gbv reunion). I'm REALLY hoping that Spoon play more old things than normal, and hit a few Telephono tracks (and play Soft Effects in its entirety).

    Anyone get tickets to this? It sold out in nanoseconds, but a friend and I lucked into tickets and a hotel room. If anyone else is going we should meet for drinks and to predict a setlist...

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