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Is Spoon forgetting ASoS and GCT?

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  • Started 8 years ago by Proler
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    Okay, on the past few years, I haven't seen they play many songs of this two albums, are they forgetting it just like Telephono? On today's gig I was waiting for Chicago at Night to make a joke with Lollapalooza, but... Nothing. So what do you think?

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    Depends on the song. Anything You Want, EHAO and Fitted Shirt still get played. They played Utilitarian in Vegas in June. I think Metal School might get played occasionally too. They have their select favorites. I've always loved Junes Foreign Spell and Believing is Art and thought they would be easily playable live, but I've never, ever heard them in eight years of shows (well, four years if you discount the break).

    In 2007, I met Britt for a few minutes before the show and I asked if he took requests. He said, sure, what do you like? Junes Foreign Spell. He said we don't know that one. At least he was honest!

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    Yeah, they played Metal Detektor too in Vegas. I think that they have to play more Me and the Bean and Chicago at Night.

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    They played Anything You Want, Utilitarian, Me and the Bean, and Metal Detektor when I saw them in Memphis a few months ago. "Everything Hits at Once" was on the setlist, but it was replaced during the show with Metal Detektor.

    Posted 8 years ago #

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