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Irritation Man!

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  • Started 10 years ago by Rectoplazm
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  1. Rectoplazm
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    This shoulda been posted under "SPOON Rarities" I guess -- or maybe just emailed to p herron.
    It's a bunch of bordeline interesting additions to the SPOON discography and such.

    Check it out if you wanna... or don't.

    First, here's a contents listing and a nice scan of the cover to the CD sampler from PCP
    , which includes "Irrigation Man" by Spoon (same old version).

    A further note -- although John Clayton DID write it, the song should technically be credited
    as a BALLOONATIC cover. Here's their original version.

    And while we're at it, "Me and the Bean" should be credited as a Rite Flyers cover (Clayton's
    more recent band). As it says on this site
    the Riteys have more than a slight connection to SPOON:

      The Rite Flyers consist of Steve Collier, who led perhaps Austin’s `80s rockersDoctor’s Mob; John Clayton, key member and songwriter for Balloonatic; newestmembers [are] from the legendary Austin band The Wannabes, Jennings Crawford andThad Ass. Former alumni also include Britt Daniel, Josh Zarbo and Jim Eno from Spoon,Terri Lord (Sincola), Stephen Hall (Sixteen Deluxe) and Joey Shuffield(Fastball).
      Their song “Me and the Bean” was covered released by Spoon on their indie breakthrough
      GIRLS CAN TELL (Merge Records 1998) & is featured in the video game ROCKSMITH.

    Next up -- a warning. The UTNE indie culture 2004 DCD sampler appears to include a long version of SPOON doing "Tear Me Down" that runs 5:19(!). The truth is that it's the regular version (boo!), but someone screwed up and didn't make a separate track for the Onion News snippet that follows the song. No sleeve on this one apparently. (My copy don't have one anyhow).

    Seems like there was something else... all I can think of is to note that my primitive "music
    video" for "Object" by Drake Tungsten (live @ the Electric Lounge) is back up.

    And what the heck -- I suppose I could post downloadable audio of the entire "A Spoonful
    of The Cure" mini-set on SoundCloud, for a short time only. Here's "Other Voices" and "Object" and "10:15 Saturday Night"

    -- rtp aka mnw aka ndj aka kwl aka etc.

    -- \"The Irritation Man\"
    Posted 10 years ago #
  2. User has not uploaded an avatar
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    Thanks for the links.

    THe links to Other Voices and Object are broken. They are still on your soundcloud i guess theres a typo somewhere.

    are you sure the rite flyers were around when girls can tell came out tho?

    Posted 10 years ago #
  3. Rectoplazm
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    The links should work now. As far as the timeline, I was going by what it says in that paragraph I quoted.

    Girls Can Tell was released in 2001. I had a Rite Flyers demo CD somewhere but I can't find it -- however, I found the demo of the Sidehackers, which was the band that Clayton/Collier had in between Balloonatic/Doctors Mob and the Rite Flyers, and that's dated 1993, so I think it all works out "rite".

    - etc.

    -- \"The Irritation Man\"
    Posted 10 years ago #

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