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  1. kickingeapoe
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    Anyone notice that the band is only referred to as Headz in the band personnel and licensing on the back of the TWMS vinyl? The only mention of the Spoon name is in the production credits. There isn't a licensing issue for the band name since the label switch, is there? Either way I dig the throwback to the Anticipation B-Side.

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  2. Tyler Darling
    Tyler Darling
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    I noticed that too reading through the liner notes last night. I also noticed Janet Weiss helped sequence the album. And they also thanked Kobe Bryant. Haha.

    I think they refer to themselves differently on all albums. Just a thing they do. On Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga they list themselves as Faux Punx/Gentleman Dudes. Like an on-going thing. No Merge does not own the name Spoon. If that's what you mean? The back of the record says Spoon. And also the spine of the vinyl says Spoon.

    But yes this is the first record of theirs to have no writing on the cover. Just the picture. I dig.

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  3. Gabriel
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    I think Headz might be the name the songwriting copyrights are filed under - you have to pick a name when you file with BMI/ASCAP/etc. and many artists just use a word or two from a song or album (Ex: some of George Harrison's Beatle songs were copyrighted to "Northern Songs" and Yes had some copyrighted to "Topographic Music")

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  4. Tyler Darling
    Tyler Darling
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    I know exactly what you mean on Beatles songs. You are right. But with Spoon, song publishing is Precious Fluids Publishing. It will say that on all their albums. Spoon owns all their owns music, songs everything. They don't rely on labels to fund their album, they fund it all themselves. Which is just one reason why they GET IT.

    Look through your albums folks. I'm pretty sure it's just their titles for the album. Like faux punkx, genteleman dudes. Instead of always saying

    Spoon Is:

    Britt Daniel
    Jim Eno


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  5. User has not uploaded an avatar
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    On a few early records, they used to list the lineup as Faux Punx. Now Headz seems to be the new way to refer to band membership.

    But it also seems to be a legal entity for the band. Both Transference and They Want My Soul say (c) (p) Headz in the liner notes. This means the band owns the master recordings for those albums, and not the labels (Merge in the case of Transference, Loma Vista/Universal in the case TWMS). Good for them, I'd say, as ownership of music copyright often goes to the label, a situation that has often been used to screw bands over.

    It's easy to assume this is a new development since their commercial success that culminated with Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga debuting in the Billboard Top 10. Lots of bands work out deals to own their masters instead of the labels after they reach a certain level of success (some examples being Pink Floyd, post-Dark Side of the Moon, and Bruce Springsteen, post-Born To Run). But looking at my original Elektra CD of A Series of Sneaks, I see its copyright says (c) (p) 1998 Spoon, so they've definitely financed their own recordings in the past. If it weren't for this, Sneaks might have been out-of-print for a long time, rather than getting reissued a year later on 12XU, and then in 2002 on Merge.

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