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Gimme Fiction Recording Techniques

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  • Started 14 years ago by blue_thunder
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    I've recently gotten into sound recording and have built a small studio in my house. I'm a big fan of Spoon and love the way the drums and bass sound on Gimme Fiction. Can anyone give me any insight into what techniques and equipment were used to record that album? I'd love to find out what kind of drums, mics, bass, bass amp, preamps, console, tape machine, etc were used. What mics were used for each drum and how were they set up? Was the bass amp mic'd or run direct, or both? What mics were used on the bass. Any info would be much appreciated.

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  2. monkfishblues
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    I'd go the Mike McCarthy search route. He has a new website for his studio where part of Spoon's new album is being recorded (interesting to see where the magic is taking place :) and there's also an interview with him where he explains some studio gobbledygook that he has used with Spoon in the past:



    ..and here's Public Hi-Fi, Jim's studio - has the equipment listed:


    The architect for Jim's studio:


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  3. monkfishblues
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    From a microphone site:

    "Our studio has several top notch Neumann tube mics, as well as many other choices of tube and ribbon microphones. Consistently, for electric guitar amps, the L47 is the favorite for most of the rock bands being recorded here. It has also served incredibly well for bass drum, vocals and any acoustic instruments. It is a great deal financially, and very durable. It handles the SPL of 50 and 100 watt Marshall amps with great character. A very 'do it to you in your eardrums sound'! Thanks, Gene, for being true to fine craft."
    Mike McCarthy, Boiler Room, Austin, TX

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  4. Tyler Darling
    Tyler Darling
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    Mike McCarthy the Packers coach? He's a producer. Sorry I live on WI it's an inside joke. Or an in state joke.

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  5. Tyler Darling
    Tyler Darling
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    The Underdog video was filmed in Mike McCarthy's studio. I am a musician myself. I do some basic recording, mostly demos. I honestly don't know a lot about recording. I work with a independent producer named Sean Ryan. I'm his first artist (there are about 5 people working with im right now). I don't know a lot, but I know I recently bought 2 new microphones that are amazing. I have a guitar player magazine (Has Paul McCartney on the cover). Didn't even know there was a Spoon segment in there! It came out right after Gimme Fiction. In the article Britt talked about recording. But he said the way Spoon records guitar is by micing the amp, and actually micing the guitar a bit (even electric). So you get the sound of the amp but also the sound of the guitar strings getting hit. That's the way they recorded the guitars for Gimme Fiction. I could only find part of the article online. Maybe try to hunt it down. It's the November 01 2005 issue of Guitar Player. Hope that helps a little.

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    Yikes, that is pretty close. However, one important thing is that the melody is not sampled but rather the beat. Hard to stake claim to a beat.

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