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Eric Harvey Interview from The Dallas Observer

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  • Started 11 years ago by sharkust
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  1. sharkust
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    It's pretty amusing. Especially this little tidbit

    I misprogrammed my keyboard and the Mellotron solo in "Everything Hits At Once" was about three octaves too high. Britt diffused the situation by joking around and banging on the keys with his foot.

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  2. devilsdishes
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    Nice one! I clicked a link for another article titled "Who Should Bon Iver Collaborate With Next?" and here was one of the suggestions:

    "Britt Daniel.
    He and the Spoon frontman team up for a dub-reggae album. They actually go to Jamaica for the recording, but two weeks in, Daniel disappears in the streets of Kingston, and is never seen again, so Vernon and Prince finish it instead."

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  3. papavb
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    ^^ aside from the ensuing void of Spoon material --- hahahahaha

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  4. User has not uploaded an avatar
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    . Some kids asked me for an autograph after the show. Signing a copy of Kill the Moonlight before I'd ever recorded anything with the group felt a little weird.

    Holy crap! That kid is me! I was at the first show at the Opolis, and it wasn't a copy of kill the moonlight it was the way we get by EP. I remember him saying "ya know I didnt play on this" but I was like whatever.

    I also talked to Jim Eno afterwards, and told him I bought telephono online (this was before the reissue) and he asked how much I paid and was shocked when I said $100.

    That quote in the interview got me really giddy.

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  5. sharkust
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    that would be pretty rad actually, save for the disappearing Britt thing. Someone pointed out to me that beardless Justin Vernon looks like a doughy Britt Daniel and now I can't unsee

    that's really awesome that Eric remembered you like that!

    Posted 11 years ago #

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