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Divine Fits - Live at the Majestic, Madison WI 04/03/13

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  • Started 10 years ago by Tyler Darling
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  1. Tyler Darling
    Tyler Darling
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    I finally saw the band live in Madison last week. It was such a great show. Wow. The band was really tight. I was front row, right in front of Britt's mic. I could touch the stand if I wanted to. I talked to him as he came out for the encore, I told him his beer that was sitting there was warm by now. He laughed, said he'd take care of it, then got the guy from back stage to get him a cold one. Haha.

    This isn't a "show review". Just some thoughts.

    My least 2 favorite songs on the album (For Your Heart & Neopolitans) the longer, more synth based ones were AMAZING live. Some songs they jammed a little more on, but in general they stayed close to the album version. I really liked the live version of Civilian Stripes.

    They also played a new song that Dan sang on. On the set list it was called "Chained". That's the only song I recorded. The sound quality isn't too good since it was so loud. But the video looks good.

    They are just a good rock band. Obviously as a Spoon fan I like them. But just as a music fan, they are a new rock band, and they sound great.

    I met Alex after the show. He was a super nice dude. He knew the city I worked in, and used to live with people from there.

    It was the first show I ever went to by myself, and it was a lot of fun.

    Set List:

    Baby Get Worse
    Like Ice Cream
    Would That Not Be Nice
    My Love is Real
    Civilian Stripes
    Lost (Frank Ocean Cover)
    Chained (New Song)
    You Got Lucky (Tom Petty Cover)
    Salton Sea
    Flaggin a Ride
    For Your Heart

    What Gets You Alone

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    I just saw them on Saturday night. They were headlining a local music fest. They played on an outdoor stage, and like you, I was right up front, probably the second row. The show was fairly full, but it was no problem moving around, even up front. I think the only song we missed that you got (actually, I didn't miss it), was Neopolitans. It was a very good rock and roll show. No encores (I think they had a strict time limit, and really, there wasn't much else to play), but afterward the band just climbed down from the stage and stood around next to it. So, I got a picture with Britt and another one with Dan and my daughter got the setlist -- no big deal! The song that I found most surprising was Salton Sea. I usually just skip that one, but it was much better live, in the same way, I think, that Ghost of You Lingers is better live. I'd been threatening to do a road trip to see them, but this was very nice and easy in my own backyard.

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  3. Tyler Darling
    Tyler Darling
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    First I want to make a change to my last post I meant SALTON SEA & NEOPOLITANS are songs I will skip, NOT FOR YOUR HEART. I really love For Your Heart. A great tune.

    JP- Very cool they came down off stage and you met them. The night after they played Madison, they went to MN, and had a after party that Britt DJ'ed.

    Everyone gets to meet them but me. :/

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