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Compilation challenge

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  • Started 10 years ago by leamanc
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  1. leamanc
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    Hey fellow Spoon fanatics,

    The upcoming release of the Pavement compilation CD got me to thinking about my own Pavement comp I put together for my brother-in-law back in 2003 when he had never heard them. Of course, I prefer my comp to what Matador is putting out.

    Now said bro-in-law is not familiar with Spoon, and with Transference rocking my world, I'm thinking of putting together a Spoon comp. I'd love to see everyone's suggestions.

    Putting together a comp CD is so much fun. You have to decide whether to go chronological or not, whether to focus on the "hits" or dig deeper into the b-sides and such. So show me your lists! All LPs, EPs, singles, etc., under the Spoon name are fair game--the only rule is just that it has to all fit on a standard 80 minute CD-R. Make a playlist in iTunes and keep an eye on the running time to make sure you are staying under 80 minutes. (I remember my Pavement comp came in at something like 79:54!)

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  2. leamanc
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    Crap, my bad! I see someone else already started a similar topic. Sorry about that. But glad to see great minds think alike. :-)

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  3. Tyler Darling
    Tyler Darling
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    Yeah there is already one on here, but this is new because NOW anything from Transference can go on it too. Making it even HARDER to choose tracks for the comp. I had a very tough time making a 2 disc comp let alone 1 single disc. I'll try to make a new one with Transference now.....

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  4. drop dead ed
    drop dead ed
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    i like this

    "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb"
    "Mystery Zone"
    "I turn My camera on"
    "Written in Reverse"
    "Anything You Want"
    "My Mathematical Mind"
    "The Beast and the Dragon Adored"
    "I could see the Dude"
    "The Way we Get By"
    "I summon you"

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  5. leamanc
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    Cool, I didn't look too hard at the other thread to see that it was pre-Transference. The new LP definitely makes it harder, as that album is very fresh in my mind and, in my opinion at least, STACKED with great songs.

    I'm still sorting through mine, but hope to get it posted tonight. drop dead ed, I like your selections (Cvantez will definitely make my list), but it is surely well south of 80 minutes...is that all you want to put on it?

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  6. Tyler Darling
    Tyler Darling
    (695 Posts)

    It's so so freaking hard. Unbelievable. The Beatles are my favorite band I can barely pick a favorite album, let alone 1 disc of material. And Spoon is so hard to sum up in 80 minutes!!! So I'm making a 1 disc, and a 2 disc. But if you are going to make 2 discs, wht not 8 of all the albums and EPs? :)

    1. Nefarious
    2. Dismember
    3. I Could See the Dude
    4. Utilitarian
    5. The Guest List/Execution
    6. Metal Detektor
    7. Car Radio
    8. Chips and Dip
    9. Everything Hits at Once
    10. Me and the Bean
    11. The Fitted Shirt
    12. Small Stakes
    13. The Way We Get By
    14. Paper Tiger
    15. The Beast and Dragon, Adored
    16. I Turn My Camera On
    17. I Summon You
    18. Don't Make Me a Target
    19. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
    10. Don't You Evah
    21. The Underdog
    22. Got Nuffin
    23. Written in Reverse
    24. Mystery Zone

    Clocks in at 79:38

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  7. Tyler Darling
    Tyler Darling
    (695 Posts)

    Disc 1:

    1. Don’t Buy the Realistic
    2. All the Negatives Have Been Destroyed
    3. Nefarious
    4. Dismember
    5. Waiting for the Kid to Come Out
    6. I Could See the Dude
    7. Utilitarian
    8. The Guest List/Execution
    9. 30 Gallon Tank
    10. Car Radio
    11. Metal Detektor
    12. June’s Foreign Spell
    13. Jealousy
    14. Chips and Dip
    15. Everything Hits at Once
    16. Believing Is Art
    17. Me and the Bean
    18. The Fitted Shirt
    19. Anything You Want
    20. Let the Distance Keep Us Together
    21. Small Stakes
    22. The Way We Get By
    23. Stay Don’t Go
    24. Jonathan Fisk
    25. Paper Tiger
    26. Vittorio E.


    Disc 2

    1. The Beast and Dragon, Adored
    2. I Turn My Camera On
    3. My Mathematical Mind
    4. I Summon You
    5. They Never Got You
    6. My First Time Volume 3
    7. The Book I Write
    8. Don't Make Me a Target
    9. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
    10. Don't You Evah
    11. The Underdog
    12. Rhthm & Soul
    13. The Underdog
    14. Black Like Me
    15. Got Nuffin
    16. Stroke Their Brains
    17. Mystery Zone
    18. Written in Reverse
    19. I Saw the Light
    20. Trouble Comes Running
    21. Goodnight Laura

    (I Cut Stroke Their Brains to 3:22)


    2 Discs is still really hard to do....

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  8. User has not uploaded an avatar
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    I made one a while ago, but I think I should update it with Transference material.

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  9. leamanc
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    Alright, I started this thread thinking I would put together my comp pretty quick, but it was a lot harder than I imagined. I'm usually pretty good at coming up with good comps pretty quick, but I really had to spend a lot of time with Spoon. There's just a TON of material, and nearly every darn song from Soft Effects on is a strong candidate.

    That said, I do believe I have a winner here. It features at least two songs from each LP, has songs from several EPs (including Soft Effects, 30 Gallon Tank and Love Ways), and I even pulled a track from Get Nice! And I think it has a nice mix of their most popular songs, fan favorites, and some unexpected tracks. Most importantly, I really think it all flows together really nicely. I encourage you to put together my playlist below, see if you agree with me, or make suggestions for improvements.

    Anyway, here it is, clocking in at a very full audio CD of 79:18!

    1. Theme to Wendel Stivers
    2. Advance Cassette
    3. Don't You Evah
    4. Stay Don't Go
    5. I Turn My Camera On
    6. Everything Hits At Once
    7. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
    8. Is Love Forever?
    9. Loss Leaders
    10. Got Nuffin
    11. Car Radio
    12. Jonathon Fisk
    13. The Beast and Dragon, Adored
    14. Reservatioms
    15. Cvantez
    16. Quincy Punk Episode
    17. Me and the Bean
    18. Chips & Dip
    19. The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine
    20. Written in Reverse
    21. I Can Feel it Fade Like an AM Single
    22. Sister Jack
    23. The Way We Get By
    24. Revenge!
    25. Vittorio E

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  10. Gabriel
    (193 Posts)

    It's funny that you bring this up because I just gave my friend a revised Best of Spoon comp two days ago, so this is fresh on my mind.
    For about a year now I've had a standard Spoon compilation set up that I gave to anybody who had never heard of Spoon. I had to make a few changes when Transference came out, but I actually am happier with the new product than the old one.

    Looking at yours, leamanc, what strikes me is that yours seems heavily based on personal preferences rather than expectations of what other people would like. Case in point - you open with Theme to Wendel Stivers, which is good but is a short instrumental from Spoon's least popular album. (Mine opens with "The Underdog," a shameless bid for the listener's attention) I will definitely listen to it though, because you seem to be interested in making sure the "flow" of the sequencing is solid, a sentiment I totally agree with.

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  11. User has not uploaded an avatar
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    1. Got Nuffin
    2. Waiting for the Kid to Come out
    3. Don't Make Me a Target
    4. The Mystery Zone
    5. Paper Tiger
    6. Metal Detector
    7. Me and the Bean
    8. Small Stakes
    9. Believing Is Art
    10. Nobody Gets Me but You
    11. Don't You Evah
    12. I Turn My Camera on
    13. Lines in the Suit
    14. I Summon You
    15. The Way We Get by
    16. Is Love Forever?
    17. The Fitted Shirt
    18. Mountain to Sound
    19. My Mathematical Mind
    20. Written in Reverse
    21. Black Like Me

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  12. LingeringPet
    (41 Posts)

    this was a fun thing for me to think about, although a bit hard to do just in my head without listening to any tracks (since i'm spoon-fasting this month) ... but here is my mega-mix of gritty rawkus-ness and mellow/melodic/minimal tracks, plus a b-side and a live track for good measure.

    i started with Beast and Dragon because i love the way that song starts off "Gimme fiction" -- i love the bridge part where there's that one slightly different guitar chord he hits before singing "when you don't feel it, it shows, they tear out your soul" ... and i love the sparse nature of "Out go the lights" and of course the piano of "Everything Hits" ... spoon's piano sounds was what hooked me from the beginning.

    Best line in "Eddie's Ragga" -- "it's hopeless i'm a slut for the new york times" -- always make me grin cuz i think it's about me. :)

    i would have ended the whole thing with "black like me", but i felt like that was too much of a copy of the track order of "GAGAGAGAGA", so i ended on a rocking "Rhythm and Soul" note -- great lyrics and an equal measure of grit and catchiness.

    it was a hard choice to leave off "Paper Tiger", but i really can't get enough of "who makes your money" -- i love spoon's sparse/minimal/dark songs just as much as their loud, crunchy rockers. plus i figure if this 79 minute mega-dose of spoon hits the right chord with a new listener, they'll go and get the whole album of "Kill the Moonlight" and they'll fall in love with Paper Tiger just as i have. 8-)

    1. The Beast and Dragon Adored
    2. Out Go the Lights
    3. Everything Hits at Once
    4. I Turn My Camera On
    5. Something To Look Forward To
    6. Eddies Ragga
    7. Fitted Shirt
    8. Vittorio E
    9. Sunday Morning Wednesday Night
    10. Lines in the Suit
    11. Mystery Zone
    12. Chicago at Night
    13. Who Makes Your Money
    14. Trouble Comes Running
    15. Metal Detektor
    16. Stay Don't Go
    17. Agony of Lafitte (britt solo, live at Noisepop 2006)
    18. The way we get by
    19. You Got Yr Cherry Bomb
    20. Got Nuffin'
    21. Black Like Me
    22. Rhythm and soul

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