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"Can I Sit Next To You" video

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    Just from the first two singles, it sounds like the band is really honing in on their 80s new wave influences. I feel like "Hot Thoughts" brought on a definite Bowie flavor, integrated into Britt's Alt-Punk vibe, creating an outstanding single with high dancability. "Can I Sit Next to You", on the other hand, sounds like it could have been B-side gold to Peter Gabriel's "Shock the Monkey" single. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not crying plagiarism or anything similar, or saying it's a b-side. What I will say is: it's an influence that, not only did I not expect to hear from Spoon, but I really haven't heard for a long, long time. Being a dude that grew up loving Gabriel's 'So', it's so fucking cool to hear this flavor come out in modern rock (or in this case, modern new wave). I've only listened to it the once, but I suspect this second single will be a grower, and I think a pretty bold pick. Hopefully people get it. I think synth is so prevalent in today's music, it's about time a few real bands gave a solid take on it. I'm just glad to hear they kept the guitar riffs in the forefront. Good tunes so far. Bring on the album.

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    I really dig this song. Wow interesting take on the Peter Gabriel vibes. I am a big fan of the "So" album too. After thinking about that I am doing a mashup with the sledgehammer intro and this new track. I think it will fit.

    It definitely has a "I turn my Camera On: dancey vibe. And it's great. I can defintely feel this one going crazy at the end when they play it live.

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