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[BT] Spoon 3/24/10 National, Richmond, Va

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  • Started 10 years ago by cbd

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    March 24, 2010
    The National
    Richmond, Virginia

    **16 bit source**

    Source: Matrix: B&K4022(ortf)>Sonosax[40%] + sbd[60%]>744T
    Location: fob inside sbd cage/sloc
    Transfer: 744T>wavelab (fades/resampling/dithering)>cd wave>flac
    Taped & transferred by Craig Davis

    One Set
    Disc One:
    01 Intro
    02 Me and the Bean*
    03 The Mystery Zone**
    04 Written In Reverse
    05 Someone Something
    06 My Mathematical Mind
    07 Don't You Evah
    08 The Ghost of You Lingers
    09 I Saw the Light
    10 The Beast and Dragon, Adored
    11 Love Song
    12 Is Love Forever
    13 Everything Hits At Once
    14 Don't Make Me a Target
    15 I Summon You
    16 You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
    17 Rhythm & Soul

    Disc Two:
    01 I Turn My Camera On
    02 The Underdog
    03 Black Like Me
    04 Small Stakes
    05 Got Nuffin'
    06 Nobody Gets Me But You
    07 Jonathon Fisk

    * Brett Solo
    ** Britt & Eric
    the sbd feed dropped at d2 11:05-25:32 (Small Stakes -
    1/2 of Nobody Gets Me) so its straight audeince

    Huge thanks to Spoon for providing sbd access and allowing me to
    run a matrix. Great band, great show, great albums, and
    totally taper friendly.

    Posted 10 years ago #

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