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Britt covers Crooked Fingers on Your Control MP3 download

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  • Started 11 years ago by monkfishblues
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  1. monkfishblues
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    The Your Control download, available through the Crooked Fingers site, features a really well done cover of Run, Lieutenant, Run by Britt (he sings in Spanish the second half of the song - English to Spanish cross-over in the future? IT COULD WORK!!!). If you have $4, you can and should afford this. The MP3 also features a fantastic cover by Lambchop (who I'm not familiar with - off to research!) as well as the original album version of Your Control, the duet with Eric Bachmann and Neko Case (no need to explain why that's worth having, I hope). So cruise over the site, hand the nice people your money, and enjoy. Pretend Britt's serenading you at the head of a mariachi band outside your balcony.

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  2. monkfishblues
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    Oh, and incidentally, if you have the opportunity to see Eric Bachmann in concert, you really should. I believe he may touring with Neko right now or sometime in the not too distant future? Just a suggestion...

    Oh, and buy his albums. That'd be cool, too.

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    Eric Bachmann is my personal hero:)

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