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best of the unknown

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  • Started 9 years ago by badsoundbadbreath
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  1. i know not, how you feel about this (let me know), but i feel that there has been quite a bit of music that hasn't ever really made it into the eternal hall of fame, and with some of it i very sincerly wonder why. to showcase those largely underestimated gems, this post is for – a historic or maybe hysteric view upon the subject.

    amongst of many i can think of, here is my first suggestion:

    the jam – wasteland (supports my theory that the best 80s bands are from the 70s)

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  2. Tyler Darling
    Tyler Darling
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    The Jam is a great band. Love Paul Weller. All around the world I been looking for new youth explosion.

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  3. dear mr. darling, thank you for your kind reply! and i am very happy to find someone who aktually knows the jam! but in spite of my joy about the above mentioned, i was intending this thread to be something that gets people to come around with their favourite unknown bands/songs – which didn't happen – not your fault of course!

    what can i do, to make them understand?

    another band i find to little known, considering the part they played in musical history is: the teardrop explodes and from them for example "...and the fighting takes over" – another thought to be 80s but coming out of the 70s band that was great.


    a little later in the span of time that makes up everything that has happened musically:

    das damen "girl with the hair" – just to show, that the 80s weren't all wrong

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  4. addendum:

    and if the 90s should be mentioned here it's this holy (to me) anthem of a late (very) punk rock band that i don't know anyone (no, i know one person) who knows them, from that era: the heartdrops "loveless city" that i would like to mention.

    oh and billy brag "new england" – another 80s and still not so bad musician – what a surprise (to me, as i thought the song was older) also on my list of the not so well known (from my point of view).

    and one of my favourite not quite so well known songs from the period past 2010 is probably king krule "easy easy".

    and almost from the 00s (1999) it's the get up kids "long goodnight" – lovely amongst many other things for the not so present but at the same time kind of eveything dominating bass.

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    Spoon is very unknown here in Brazil. Other bands that are very underrated are:

    Silversun Pickups
    The Main Drag
    Versus Them
    Bang Camaro
    Count Zero

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  6. hey, thank you for all the bands (music) i didn't know before!

    but... the ones in your list i like most, sounded a bit like they had listened to the get up kids a lot (silversun pickups) and "the main drag" reminded me of dashboard confessionals and...

    i was looking for bands that started something they didn't get rewarded for. stress on "starting something".

    but: nevertheless i am glad to have found bands i didn't know before – and thanks again for that!

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    I know a lot of unknown bands, if you want some more, tell me :)

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  8. yeah, that would be wonderful! today, i strangely got into some 70s music and i couldn't find or think of many (none) hardly known bands – apart from the ones, that aren't known as 70s bands. any ideas there? the only song i could find, that was mentioned as 70s music and not known to me, was tubewayarmy "are friends elctric?" which made me come to the conclusion, that this band was a bit like jules verne in terms of foresight.

    oh, and i just remembered that david bowie was alife in the 70s, stunning the world (1977) with "heroes"! – he could not be called unknown though...

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